Bus Woes Continue in Chatham County

Every morning you get your kids ready for class, but are you sure their ride to school will be at the bus stop on time?

For some aggravated parents, the past two weeks have not given them confidence in the new Reliant Transportation Company; Cara Mauney even tells us her son’s bus has only come one morning in two full weeks of school.

“If I had a job where I had to be there in the mornings either he wouldn’t get to school and he would have missed two weeks of school already or I probably wouldn’t have a job anymore,” said Mauney, whose son is a kindergartner at the Tybee Maritime Academy.

Mauney told News 3 she has called Reliant every day but hasn’t received a call back.

Frustrated with the lack of response from the bus company and the school district she turned to WSAV.

When we went to the Reliant offices, the assistant General Manager found a discrepancy between the computer system and the printed schedule.

He said he would speak with the bus driver about the mistake and told us the bus would be there, at the stop and on time, Friday morning.

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