Beaufort Sheriff’s Office welcomes new bloodhounds for tracking

Meet Copper and Misty, the Beaufort County Sheriff's Office's new bloodhound puppies!

Beaufort County deputies are training two new officers who are known for their sense of smell. Bloodhound puppies Copper and Misty are siblings, only 10 weeks old. They will be used to track people, including missing and lost persons, and escaped criminals.

The training begins early for the puppies. Handlers took the pups out to socialize, run, and play, on Wednesday afternoon. Copper and Misty are not the only ones who will learn from the experience.

“With time around the dog, you can tell by its body movements that it’s got the scent, and it’s actually tracking that scent, and again, that just comes with training the dog. These guys spend a lot of time with these puppies. The entire team takes turns training these, because obviously, three and four times a week is manpower intensive, they’ll learn the disposition and the personality of each dog and they’ll know when they’re in scent and when they’re tracking,” Captain Scott Johnson says.

The chopper was also brought out, in an effort to get the dogs acclimated to having the aircraft above as the dogs are search from the ground.  In a month or so, officers will work with the dogs on tracking scents.

“While the canine would be tracking on the ground, we would be flying ahead of them, possibly two or three miles further ahead, looking for the target whatever it might be,” Col. Neil Baxley says.

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