Savannah Church Ministers Join to Reduce Crime and Bring Hope on to City Streets

SAVANNAH, GA- From the pulpit to the streets, it’s a movement Savannah has yet to see as dozens of local church ministers join forces to fight local crime. Their effort will be to bring hope and a positive message to the city’s streets alongside hundreds of members from their congregations.

“We’ve decided to leave the for walls of our church and to walk the streets in our community to engage young people, really to engage everyone,” says Kingdom Life Christian Fellowship Pastor Charles Roberson.

More than thirty ministers congregated Tuesday at the Temple of Glory Church to announce their collaboration to take a positive message to Savannah streets to help stop violent crime.

“As ministers of the gospel, as pastors and shepherds in this great city that our going forth will have as I said before an impact that perhaps wouldn’t be felt by other entities,” says Bishop Matthew ODUM of the Temple of Glory Church.

Their message of fellowship and hope, that’s what the members of the “We Must Do Something” initiative plan to spread as they walk city streets from this week and those to come.

“We’ll be going out and we’ll be talking to young people we’ll be engaging them, offering hope to them and talking to them about Savannah,” says Pastor Roberson.

Community efforts before by churches are nothing new, but this collaborative will be churches working alongside churches, congregations side by side as one not to patrol neighborhoods for crime, but to minister to those who like some of them, have suffered or are suffering with it.

“I’ve personally been impacted I’ve lost two nephews to the crime, one on the east side one on the west side so I’m personally involved I’m personally I’m personally impacted so my drive is to do whatever we can,” says Pastor Richard Hall of the Second Arnold Baptist Church.

The ministers and more than 200 men from their congregations are expecting to walk the streets this weekend in the Live Oak Neighborhood along 37th street and Waters Avenue. They will first congregate at the Second Arnold Baptist Church along 37th street Saturday afternoon prior to the walk.


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