Local BBQ Business to Move in to New Location Following Fire

SOUTHSIDE SAVANNAH- Back in early June, the up and coming B’s Cracklin’ BBQ on Savannah’s southside burned to the ground.

What came next for the Furman family was even more dramatic.

“The support is overwhelming,” says co-owner Bryan Furman.

Communities all across the south came together fundraising for B’s to get back on their feet.

Through all of the support though a major setback hit the Furman’s after their business was scorched. A few weeks following the fire they were told they couldn’t rebuild on that land they were using.

It wasn’t the end of the road for the Furman’s after some luck and continued support they are now looking to move into a new space up the road at the Windsor Forest shopping center.

“The kicker is if everything goes well next week, the new location will be dine in so people can dine in and eat instead of get your food and go so you can dine in and eat,” says Furman.

It’s a complete turn around as the Furman’s get ready to find a new home. After all of the traveling and fundraising though they’re going to need a lot of room.

“We’re not the little mom and pop store anymore so with the demand we’re going to open more days actually we’re gonna shoot for five days a week,” Furman says.

And so in the charred remains of the former B’s Cracklin BBQ site there really comes a light of hope for the Furman’s who never gave up.

“When I had my first fundraiser i was like we’re going to rebuild bigger and better, and i didn’t expect it to be as big as it’s about to be.”

You can stay up to date with how their business is going by checking out the BBQ joint’s Facebook page.

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