Georgia Southern Moves In Freshman Class with Operation Move in

Statesboro, GA- Eagle nation welcomes a brand new batch of eaglets Friday with thousands of students moving in at Georgia Southern University.

“Everybody excited, everybody anxious and we’re here to make sure these three thousand students have what they need and get what they need to get,” says interim university president Jean Bartels.

The nest just got a little bigger in Statesboro with GSU’s move in of around 3,000 students. For freshman Julian Grady, it’s a brand new chapter in life.

“I’m excited about meeting all new people it’s a whole different community down here, I don’t know that many I only know a handle of people so I’m just excited,” Grady says.

Excited and prepared for the big move. Grady has already seen and helped move in two older siblings who have since completed college, now it’s his turn.

“And so now this is the little one leaving so it’s been a little bit hard but now that I’m here I’m excited for him,” says Julian’s mom Luz.

Coming from the Atlanta area, the Grady’s excitement is joined by a little anxiety.

“…Well it’s crazy that they’ll be going home and I’m not and I’ll be staying here for several months,” Julian says.

For now though mom and dad are hopeful but they have some big expectations for their son.

“I’m hoping that he gets really good grades, and that when he graduates from college he’ll be able to use his business degree and get a really good job,” says Mrs. Grady.

Classes for the more than 20,000 students attending the Fall 2015 semester at Georgia Southern University will kick off Monday August 17th.

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