Preps for Back-To-School at Hilton Head High

At the beginning of last school year, several students at Hilton Head High School were found to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol while on campus, and some even had those items with them. Administrators are concerned it could develop again.

“You always have worries on your mind, you’re always concerned and obviously it will always haunt you, and student safety is your priority, so of course its on our mind,” said Principal, Amanda O’Nan.

Last year, alcohol and prescription drug, Xanax seemed to be the biggest issues at the school. But that’s shifted according to O’Nan.

“I would have to say the pills are less of a concern, the continuous use of alcohol and marijuana, is obviously what you hear students talking about the most.”

Any drugs will not be tolerated. O’Nan says they already have plans in place for day one, from extensive education, to random drug sweeps by the sheriffs office, they aren’t messing around.

“We’ve already talked about how we are excited with our random drug-testing policy for athletes, and obviously we are looking forward to the educational deterrent that could be the fall out or a positive piece from that.We’re going to have a students against destructive decisions club, that’s going to take off the ground this year, so we’re excited about that piece and we have two great advisers.”

Principal O’nan says that’s not the only change they’re making, its all about getting ahead of the problem and educating our kids.

“We’ve also built in more of a character education program instead of the ‘just say no, just say no’  we are hoping to come out with something positive and to do the right thing whether its wear your seat belt or drug education.”

Sending a responsible message to students and parents from day one.

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