Minnesota woman bakes homemade pies, travels 1,300 miles to deliver treats to Mother Emanuel

MNtoSCCHARLESTON, SC – 86 sweet potato pies travelled from Golden Valley, Minnesota all the way to Charleston, and then to Mother Emanuel AME Church just in time for tonight’s bible study.

Rose McGee and several helpers prepared the pies in a church basement in Minnesota over the past few days. Those sweet treats filled with love were Fed-Exed to Charleston overnight.

It wasn’t the taste that everyone loved so much; it was the effort and the love that went into the pies, and the fact that a woman traveled 1,300 miles to bring a little slice of comfort to a Charleston church congregation that could certainly use it.

20 volunteers joined the “Pie Lady” Rose McGee as they baked 86 sweet potato pies, 56 which made their way to Charleston.

On Wednesday night, interim pastor of Mother Emanuel, Reverend Norvel Goff Sr., welcomed the women who baked them into bible study.

“I want to say ‘Thank you,’ and I guess get a hug from both of you for the pies!” said Goff.

McGee hopes her “comfort pies” as she calls them, can help in just a small way, to let the parishioners at Mother Emanuel know that people around the country are still thinking about them, and still praying for them.

McGee told News 2, “We were bringing love; we were bringing joy from our community to here. They’re just pies, and I’m just thankful that they received them.”

Reverend Goff spoke about loving your neighbors at the bible study Wednesday night. Something he says was perfectly exemplified by McGee’s pies.

Rev. Goff said, “I think it’s one day at a time. I think the journey is still a long ways off, but the good news is that we are not on this journey by ourselves.”

When bible study came to end Wednesday night, their hearts fed, now their stomachs would be too as dozens lined up to get a slice.


“I hope they like them! I hope they don’t eat the pie and go, ‘What did she bring those pies all the way from Minnesota for?’” joked McGeen.

Charleston City Councilman, Perry Waring, told News 2, “I don’t know anybody who would turn this down.”

Almost every bible study member News 2 spoke with said the pies were delicious.

Mcgee added, “One lady who works right here at the church all she said to me was, ‘Mmm, mmm, mmm!’ That to me was the best compliment that I could’ve gotten.”

For many of the bible study members, knowing they’re not alone in this healing process, was the most satisfying piece of the pie.

Rev. Goff told McGee, “You hug your neighbors back in Minnesota for us!”

McGee also baked pies for families in Ferguson Missouri last year in an effort to heal racial tensions there.

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