Two New Candidates for Bluffton Town Council

Two new candidates are vying for Bluffton Town Council, one with a history of experience and one who says he can bring fresh ideas to the town.

“There’s a lot of young folks in Bluffton, the median age is right around their thirties, and I think they need some young blood in the Town Council, with some new ideas, some hip ideas,” said 37-year old Brendan Downey.

For Downey, he wants to balance growth with old town charm and make Bluffton a destination instead of a pit stop en route to Hilton Head.

“I want to work closely with both Chambers of commerce and come up with a marketing plan for Bluffton, and so working with them I think will work as well as a lot of the business owners, and young professionals, and actually everyone to make sure the town grows and flourishes.”

Candidate Dan Wood, hopes to bring his history of experience to the table.

“I was the founder of the Historic Arts and Seafood Festival, I’ve served on town boards and comissions, I’m on the A-Tax committee, so I believe in service, always have and I want to give something back,” Wood said.

Wood agrees growth is important while maintaining our natural resources and our history.

“We need to protect our heritage and our history and that takes a lot of work.”

One of the biggest issues for both candidates is parking here in the promenade and old town in general, and they tell me this is something they both want to focus on.

“Parking is an issue, in the promenade, On Mellachamp we are having those extra spaces, and we’re growing but are we growing too fast? Maybe. We have to really look at everything that’s coming down the pipe,” Downey says.

“You know I think its going to continue to be an issue down the road and the town is going to have to get involved. We’ve been discovered and that’s not a bad thing, so that’s just going to bring more people and more issues with parking,” Wood agrees.

Issues these men hope to help resolve by gaining the two open seats in the November 5th election.

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