Study: People sleeping less as 2015 continues

INDIANAPOLIS Ind. (WISH) – According to a recent study, more people are not getting enough sleep.  The latest research used data from the app “Sleep Cycle” to gather its findings.

The makers of the Sleep Cycle app spent the past six months getting data from more than 300,000 men and women across the U.S.

The app works by putting your phone on your bed. It then records your sleep patterns. The study found men and women between 18 and 55 got a lot less sleep as 2015 continued.

The app showed volunteers experienced the best sleep quality in February, and went to bed earliest throughout March. June was the most sleep deprived month, as the summer weather arrived.

24-Hour News 8 talked to Shalini Manchanda the Director of IU Health Sleep Disorder Center about the study.

“Getting a wind down routine – getting a dark bedroom all of those things do help getting the signal to fall asleep,” said Manchanda “So its extremely important to work all of that into the sleep schedule, so even though the days are long we can work towards that .”

June ranked the highest for logged workouts for both men and women. When it comes to men vs women, women get about 20 min of sleep more than men a night. They often go to bed earlier too.

“It’s interesting that women also tend to drink way more caffeine than men according to the national sleep foundation poll,” said Manchanda. “Working women tend to drink more caffeine than men on average. They would drink three cups of caffeine or caffeinated beverages like coffee or soda a day compared to men.”

Doctors say when it comes to children sleep routine is even more important, especially during the school year.

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