Turning Tragedy to Hope, A Campaign to Install AEDs in Bluffton Patrol Cars

One family’s tragedy could lead to lives being saved in the lowcountry.
A year after eight-year-old, Gavin Quance drowned in his family’s pool, his parents got a call from the “Arrhythmia Alliance” — wanting to start a campaign in his name to raise money to place AED machines in all Bluffton Police cars.

Prior to drowning last June, Gavin was an energetic, out-going and athletic 8-year-old boy.

“This kid was a swimmer, a little athlete, played football,baseball since he was five, there’s no answer,” said dad, Jim.

And there may never be an answer, but there may be new hope, Jim Quance says it came in the form of a phone call from the Arrhythmia Alliance last month.

“We’re partnering with the police department but also with the Quance family. The Quance family lost their 8-year-old son last year, because of a drowning incident, and the police department arrived at least five minutes before EMS and they were not equipped with an AED. If they had an AED, Gavin could still be alive today,” said Bonnie Powell, of the Alliance.

As for officers, they say this gives them another tool to save lives.

“9 out of 10 times we arrive to an emergency call we usually arrive before EMS gets to the scene, those few minutes that it takes for EMS to respond could mean the difference between life and death for that person,” said Lt. Joe Babkiewicz.

For the Quance family, they say they are honored that the campaign is in Gavin’s name, that having these machines may mean that what happened to them doesn’t happen to others.

“Totally, its like all of a sudden we have a real purpose,and not just you know, he’s gone.”

“The fact that we are doing this and that we are teaming-up with the Quance family, to do it in honor of their son, its a privilege for us and its a great way for our community to come together,” Babkiewicz said.

Coming together to save lives in the lowcountry.

For More on how you can help, Call Bonnie Powell with the Arrhythmia Alliance at 843-415_1886.

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