SPECIAL REPORT: 9 Year Old Starts Business to Help Fight Cancer

Olivia Wren has raised $1000 from bracelets she created for CURE Childhood Cancer

What were you doing during the summer you were nine?

Probably playing with trucks, footballs, Barbies. Definitely not raising $1000 for childhood cancer.

That’s exactly what Olivia Wren has done so far this Summer, and she started it all for a friend.

“How much do you like Anna Hays?” “I like her more than she likes me,” smiles the little girl.

Friends sitting down, making beautiful crafts for a cause.

“I like to make bracelets for fun and i like to raise money for children’s cancer,” explains nine year old Olivia Wren.

Olivia Wren is only nine years old but has a budding business and charity operation all in one.

Olivia Wren has raised $1000 from bracelets she created for CURE Childhood Cancer
Olivia Wren has raised $1000 from bracelets she created for CURE Childhood Cancer

“That first check we sent off about a month ago for $500,” says Ashley Wren, Olivia’s Mom. “And I think her seeing that check and sending it to the foundation made Olivia understand what we are really doing.”

Olivia now understands how each and every bead helps kids battling a deadly disease, kids like Anna Hays Polk.

“Anna Hays’s Journey changed our entire life,” says her mom, Jody Polk.

A journey that started three years ago.

“She was diagnosed right before her third birthday with acute lymphoblastic leukemia,” explains Jody Polk.

“Was it hard going through everything you did?”
“Yeah I had to have surgery,” said 7 year old Anna Hays.

anna hays polk 5 anna hays polk 2

anna hays polk 12
Surgery and 27 months of chemotherapy. Anna Hays lost weight, lost her hair.

“We had the Chemo song. Chemo chemo chemo, chemo chemo chemo. Chemo chemo chemo,” sings a smiling Anna Hays.

But never lost her fighting spirit.

“She was a lot tougher than I was,” remembers Jody. “She did better with everything than I did.”

“The worst medicine was those yellow pills..ARRRgghh” says Anna Hays.

Now almost seven, Anna Hays is on the road to recovery.

“I get to play outside and play outside with all my friends,” says Anna Hays.

“I’m just glad she’s ok,” smiles little Olivia.

“The longer she gets away from taking medicine, from getting treatment the better she is,” says a tearful Jody.

While Anna Hays is getting better, the battle continues for so many others.

1 in 285: That’s how many children were diagnosed with cancer last year.

43 kids are diagnosed with cancer every day.

The survival rate is 83% but it takes millions of dollars in research and treatment to save each of those lives.

And only 4% of all funding goes to fight the kids’ version of the disease. That’s why Olivia and Anna hays keep making bracelets for folks from across the country..

“When the person ordered it from Alaska I was like wow,” remembers Olivia.

And keep the faith that someday no one will need a bracelet or treatment.

“How many bracelets will you wear until that day?”
“As many as I can fit on my arm” says Jody.

“The kids out there, everyone is really thankful of everything we can do for them,” says Anna Hays. “We are doing this to be nice and hoping we can find a cure for cancer.”

She also offers a message for the kids still fighting.

“I would tell them don’t be afraid,” says Anna Hays. “Be calm and if the doctors say you’ll be ok, you’ll be ok.”

Anna Hays is doing well. She goes back every 12 weeks for blood work, and her mom is scared but hopeful.

The doctors say if she makes it to ten years old, Anna Hays should be cancer free for the rest of her life.

So far Olivia has raised a $1000 this summer alone. Has orders form 18 states, and she is sending a second check out this week to the non-profit research group CURE Childhood Cancer.

If you want to order one of Olivia’s bracelets for yourself, they are just $10 and come in various styles and colors.


Just go to: Olivia Wren Cancer Bracelets

Or to make a direct donation to CURE Childhood Cancer

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