Mixed Reviews Coming In on Bus Service as Transportation Officials Meet with School District

Students share stories of bus trouble in Chatham County

SAVANNAH (GA)-  It’s the first full week back for thousands of students in Chatham County. Issues with the new bus service left many tardy or unable to make it to class last week and viewers let us know about their issues.

So are parents seeing any improvements today?

From parents we reached out to on Monday there are mixed reviews on MV/Reliant transportation’s performance. Some parents have seen improvements, but others still have to wait.

“I’ve never had to drop her off or had the unpredictability and that’s what kind of bothers me about this situation,” says parent Merika Burke.

Burke says she plans to take her daughter to school not because she has the time, but because she’s too worried she won’t make it there otherwise. Following her experience last week, Burke is not confident things will turn around but hopes they can somehow.

“On Friday a young lady did call me back which I really appreciated because that made it seem like we were in it together.”

Some parents did regain confidence Monday as buses arrived on time or not so late as last week.

“Well today we feel like things were better this morning, but there’s still a lot of work to do,” says VP of Reliant Transportation Robert Hatchett.

Work not only on buses, Hatchett says, but also on the route times school districts give to parents so that they match up with the driver schedules.

“Alignment is our next biggest challenge, making sure we all are on the same page about what time the bus is supposed to be there and then of course we’ve got to make sure the bus is there.”

It’s a challenge parents like Burke are still suffering with and others like Tanisha Thompson say she’s seeing improvement.
Thompson told us Thursday when she came back after dropping kids off at school she still saw here children waiting for the bus at 8:03 AM. When we reached out to her Monday she told us it was only “a few minutes late”.

Hatchett with Reliant says reports like that are their goal not just for some but all parents like Burke who’s trust they work to regain.

“I will not continue to do this all week, they’re going to have to step up to the plate and do what they have to do to get her to school on time,” says Burke.

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