FBI Fighting Cyber Crime in Savannah

When you think of crime, you might think of a break-in, a shooting or maybe even a bank robbery.

But today, because of advances in technology, criminals have more options than ever before to take make our lives more difficult and cyber crime is growing at an alarming rate.

According to Go-Gulf, 18 people every second and more than 1.5 million people per day become victims of cyber crime.

“We’re targeted daily,” said FBI Supervisory Senior Resident Agent Gene Kowel. “Whether it’s our government, our citizens or our private companies that possess technology that other countries want to steal.”

Kowel explains that compared to a normal thief who commits crimes in person, cyber criminals are much more challenging to find.

“We can have an individual who sits thousands of miles away in their living room who, within the space of 10 minutes, can commit the equivalent of 7,000 bank robberies.”

There are three main types of cyber crime; attacks – like viruses, thefts – like embezzlement or financial fraud and abuse – like exploitation of underage children

All of those crimes can be committed completely anonymously over the internet, so to even the playing field, the FBI partners with more than 20 other law enforcement agencies and has 1,200 agents across the country who work on preventing these crimes altogether.

“We don’t want our first contact with a company to be after they get hacked or after malicious code has entered their system,” said Kowel. “We want to have built that relationship ahead of time and we want to be in a position to share information with trusted partners to help them avoid attacks.”

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