The Canine Combat Challenge Comes to Bryant Park

In Hinesville Today, members of the community took advantage of the beautiful weather by participating in the Canine Combat Challenge.

The Hinesville Downtown Development Authority hosted the event at Bryant Commons on Saturday morning.

Dog-lovers of all ages and their four-legged friends maneuvered through the obstacle course–moving through tires, running through the grass, jumping over barriers– and even crawling in the mud!

But this combat course was more than just a way for owners to bond with their pets–

–All of the money raised today is going to help create a dog park for the city of Hinesville.

It’ll be the first one the city’s ever had!

If you weren’t able to make it out to the event today, but are interested in donating money for the park,

You can e-mail for more information:

Or you can also contact the Hinesville Downtown Development Authority using this number: (912)-877-4332

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