Annual Collaborative with Educators and Parents centers on Youth Crime in Savannah

SAVANNAH, GA- In the past week alone close to ten people have been injured, some killed, by gun violence in Savannah.

Metro police spoke out Friday, pleading for those with a voice to put an end to the violence. This weekend concerned parents and teachers continue that conversation.

“I’m definitely concerned about the direction of our children and of our youth,” says Chadasi Betterson who teaches at Beach High School.

Those same concerns mothers and educators say come as a result of the heightened criminal activity surrounding Savannah’s youth. They meet to share ideas but most importantly to hold what they call a “courageous conversation” to make parents accountable.

“What’s missing is parental involvement, we need parents to stand up and take control of their homes and their children,” says Betterson.

Discussion also surrounded the need for parents to question and know where their child is at all times with the school year now back in session.

“As a single parent i noticed that the way things are being handled, it’s like okay we need to come back to the basics and that’s parent intervention and parent action,” says Javonne Larry who was at the event on Saturday because of her son.

The meeting is part of a weekend effort by the Education Leaders Collaborative (ELC) to continue the conversation of stopping street violence in Savannah, through strict parenting in the home.

“Someone needs  to see the parent, needs to see the adult in their lives a child cannot be raised by another child,” says Larry.

Rearing, monitoring and motivating a child to education and not the streets is something Chadasi Betterson says the community should make a priority.

“I think if we have a collective effort that we will get a lot more done than us doing it separately.”

Events and information sessions continue through the weekend with the ELC hosting another parental information session Sunday at the continuing education building at the corner of MLK and Gwinnett Street.

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