Teen Couple Struck by Lightning

But survive thanks to a little PDA.


A teen couple from California was holding hands and walking down a tree-lined street recently when a thunderstorm hit. The two… Dylan and Lexie, were hit by a lightning bolt.

“It was more of a shove, and it felt like I was getting hit over the head with metal or something,” Dylan told local TV station KCAL.

“Next thing you know, we’re on the ground,” Lexie added. “We gave each other the most terrified looks. I kind of thought there was an earthquake.”

A passerby came over to help the couple and told them they had been hit by a direct lightning strike. Amazingly, the couple came away okay, though a little shaken up.

Just to make sure, Dylan and Lexie asked a friend’s mom, who is a nurse, if they needed to go to the hospital. They decided to go just to be on the safe side.

Dr. Stefan Reynoso says that their hand-holding helped ‘diffuse the electrical current’ which entered through Dylan’s head and then exited through Lexie’s foot.

The couple now jokes about their ‘electric love.’

sources: KCAL, Los Angeles Times, Fox News)

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