Mom complains about no School Bus, Promised Resolution for Monday Morning

“This is what we saw Thursday and Friday morning, nothing,” says Camilla Braxton as she points to the empty street in front of her house.  She says her daughter’s special needs bus never showed up.

“She got up early yesterday morning excited to go to school but no bus,” said Braxton.

Braxton saw other schoolchildren gathering near her own mailbox. “It kind of made me more angry, okay the neighborhood kids are getting picked up at my house but I can’t get my child to be picked up at the house,” she told me.

Braxton was told by the new school bus company, MV Reliant, that her daughter wasn’t in the system, although the school district told her just the opposite. “I  called the board and they said she was in the system and that the bus should have picked her up. I don’t know where the problem occurred, but I wish somebody could call me and  tell me,” she told me early Friday afternoon.

Braxton wanted to give the new company the benefit of the doubt in terms of it just being two days in and there are a lot of routes. But said she was a little disappointed in their communication.  On Thursday she drove to the bus yard and spent about two hours with employees there trying to get to the bottom of the problem.  “They said they would let me know,” she said.

When the bus didn’t come Friday morning she took her daughter to school again.  And told me it was lucky she had taken some vacation time. ” “By me being off these couple of days I could take her to school but I need to know something before Monday because I have to go back to work,” she told me.

Friday afternoon, Braxton told me she had called a tutor who in turn told her he knew someone working at MV Reliant and he made a call on Braxton’s behalf.  By late in the afternoon, Braxton heard from MV Reliant and was promised the bus would arrive Monday morning.  She seemed satisfied that the company had responded. But did continue to express concerns about the communication issues saying Thursday morning she had called the company’s line but never got anyone to answer the phone.

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