Charity gives minivan to parents of new quadruplets

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – What had taken two cars for the past six months, will now only take one. Amie Bitzel and Michael Fear, parents of quadruplet boys, received a free minivan Thursday night at the Mad Anthony Children’s Hope House Treasure Chests For Hope Gala.

The Huntington couple had the quads in February. “They were 10 weeks premature,” Bitzel told NewsChannel 15.

The four boys would have to spend several weeks in the neonatal intensive care unit. Bitzel spent six weeks nearby at the Hope House.

“One out of every half million births will result in natural quadruplets,” said Andrew Gritzmaker, the executive director of the Hope House. “So we knew how extremely rare this family is, and we wanted to extended our mission after the family left the house.”

Gritzmaker and other leaders at the Hope House had gotten word about Bitzel and Fear, and how difficult it was for the family to get around town to mundane trips.

With two other boys already at home, and another son of Fear’s who spends a few days a month with them, the family needed two cars to make doctor appointments or a trip to the grocery store.

“It wasn’t fun,” said Bitzel. “We both had to drive and we couldn’t take care of the boys if they got upset.”

Earlier this summer, Gritzmaker and his staff learned about the family’s transportation situation and started looking for an answer.

The answer came from Best Deal Auto Sales.

“I talked to a guy I had worked with before and he said they were actually looking to give away a minivan,” Gritzmaker said. “I had to write a one-paragraph essay saying why I thought this family needed this. We found out Wednesday that they had won and it worked with the family’s schedule to give it to them at tonight’s gala.”

Besides the donated van, Best Deal Auto Sales threw a bonus in the back of the ride, adding thousands of baby wipes and dozens of diapers for the family to take home.

“It’ll be great,” said Bitzel. “Just getting out and doing stuff as a a whole family. Like go to the zoo or something.”

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