Jail Inmate Death: New charges of Perjury against two former Deputies

Matthew Ajibade

A court date for three people, including two former Chatham County sheriff deputies charged in connection with the death of  21 year old Mathew Ajidade, ended with the announcement of additional charges.

The district attorney’s office says it will indict Maxine Evans and Jason Kenny, two former deputies who were at the jail the night Ajibade died, with perjury.  This is in connection with their testimony before the grand jury.

Evans, Kenny and Gregory Brown, a contract health care worker were all indicted in June on involuntary manslaughter and a number of other charges.

Kenny was charged for causing Ajibade’s death by tasing Ajibade while restrained.  Evans was charged for not monitoring Ajibade’s condition while the young man was restrained. And Brown, a nurse with Corizon Health was also charged for not monitoring Ajibade’s condition.

Savannah attorney Bobby Phillips who represents Maxine Evans called the new charge of perjury “bogus.”  Phillips says his client should not even be facing charges in the case and he’s filed a motion to dismiss which is expected to be argued August 17.  Phillips says his client did “not hit anyone and did not shock” anyone and did “not inflict injury.”  While a coroner says Ajibade died of blunt force trauma inflicted during a fight with officers, Phillips said the exact time of death is still in question. He says Georgia law indicates that involuntary manslaughter must be due to an unlawful act of a defendant, not to an intervening act or negligence.  He says “failure to monitor” is not a direct act.

A trial date for all three defendants has now been set for October 5, although Brown’s attorney has already filed a motion to have a trial separate from the other two defendants.

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