EMAIL LOG: Buses are no-shows or very late on first day of school

Students share stories of bus trouble in Chatham County

Thursday, August 6, 10:25 AM

My daughters bus was supposed to be at her stop at 7:06 am. I waited until 7:31 before I had to take her to school so that she would not be late for the 7:45 start time. We were at the bus stop at 6:55. While at the bus stop I called Reliant at 201-5591 a total of 77 times and received a busy signal. I have been calling periodically since I have been at work but the line remains busy. Being a working mother I am not able to take her to school every morning. I have some early morning important meeting coming up and I need Reliant to be on time.
Even though First Student was usually late getting then to school the first few days of school while they were working out the schedule at least they showed up.


Thursday, August 6, 9:17 AM

I know it is the first day but my granddaughter’s bus is already 45 minutes late and nobody can reach Reliant. Phones are just busy and even the school can’t reach them. Totally unacceptable since class started ten minutes ago and the first buses are just starting to come in at the school who, by the way, can’t reach transportation company either. Gould ‘ s district is way too large. I think SCCPS should think about building another school out here.  It would go smoother.


Thursday, August 6, 8:54 AM

My child’s bus was 45 min. late and the driver stated that she does not know what time she will be coming. I thought that this stuff was ironed out already.


Thursday, August 6, 8:27 AM

louis mills blvd 31405 still no pickup, told to have kids at bus stop by 7:15am  nothing yet


Thursday, August 6, 8:13 AM

I live at 39th @ Bulloch.  I have twins going to schools on exact opposites of town: Woodville and Sav Early College (freshmen). So i get up to catch first bus at 6:43 to woodville. This stop is 39@Burroughs (3block from house) NEVER SHOWED!  Anyway on down to Burroughs @ Victory to try catch 6:59 bus for early college. NEVER SHOWED! I ended up picking up strange kid going there too and drove from MLK to Pennsylvania to Augusta Ave , then home. I am exhausted and STILL gotta get to work. MV Transpo WILL here from me today.


Thursday, August 6, 8:01 AM

It wouldn’t been so bad because I know it’s the first day for school and the buses has to get things together, but we was having the same problem that was going on with this bus being late for bout two three weeks at the end of the school year last school year with the bus being late or no bus at all. What I mean about late is when the bus is schedule for 6:41am and they are saying the child needs to be at the bus stop 10 minutes before that time don’t know why that is, but the bus doesn’t show up til 7:10, that’s ridiculous!  Now that’s what I  can call dangerous when kids on the side of a busy street getting restless. And yea some may say I can take my child to school but TRUST in me if I could I would, I have to be to work wayyyy before some people. I need to have a piece of mind that my child is on the bus and not standing on a street corner  for a long period of time waiting on school bus. I can’t wait til they get their new system up and running with updates on when the buses will be running late. THE STREETS AINT SAFE NO MORE FOR OUR KIDS!!


Thursday, August 6, 7:42 AM

Today is the first day of school. My daughters pick up time was 6:07 am on Abercorn in front of Spanish Villa Apts. As of 7:30 am still no bus. I have been calling the available number 912 201-5591 only to get a busy signal for the past hour.

Another issue that I have is we live on Whitebluff and she is expected to cross two major roads in the a.m. Whitebluff and Abercorn to catch the bus to attend a specialty school Woodville Tompkins.
That’s just not safe before or after school.

Abercorn is a very busy street.



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