Cover Your Eyes

The statistics are alarming!

More and more of us are getting scorched by a type of sun damage that SPF can’t prevent.

Hands. Feet. Back of the ears. If you’ve got these spots covered, you’re doing pretty good. But experts say you are still missing a spot when it comes to sunscreen. Fewer than 10 percent of people realize it’s critical to safeguard their eyes. (I know I am guilty of some of this)

Doctors say they are seeing more cases of eye sunburn, more people with damage to the whites of the eyes, and more cancers around the eye.

The American Cancer Society predicts around 2500 new cases of ocular cancer this year, and most of them deadly melanomas. Some experts believe it’s all due to too much sun exposure.

But there’s a lot you can do to help it from happening to you.

First, wear sunglasses. Rain or shine. Experts say you should pick a pair with UV 400 or 100 percent UV blocking on the label.


A few side notes about picking sunglasses… Lens color and darkness are just style choices. Polarized is an anti-glare perk, not a health must. Also if your contact lenses have UV protection, you still need shades. The contact lenses only protect a small part of your eye.

Next, add a hat. It can help block damaging UV rays from your eye area.

Watch the clock too. Sunlight is most intense between 10am and 4pm.

Finally, check your medicine. Certain antibiotics can make your eyes very sensitive to the sun, so they could burn in less time. Talk to your doctor about your medication.

(sources: American Meteorological Society, Women’s Health,

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