McIntosh Sheriff’s Ask Drug Dealers to Turn Each Other In

Newspaper ads usually tout great deals or best buys.

But McIntosh County Sheriff’s department is hoping criminals will buy in on their ad, and help lock up their fellow drug dealers.

“One of my majors called it a snitch application,” explains McIntosh County Sheriff Steve Jessup. “We are hoping some will fill out our application and become our snitch, anonymously.”

The headline is “Attention Drug Dealers”.

Not what you see in the local paper every day.

It’s the creation of a McIntosh Sheriff’s investigator. A newspaper ad in the Darien News touting a “free service for drug dealers” to “eliminate their own competition”.

“Our country is based on capitalism and so is the drug economy,” says the Sheriff. “If you’ve got a monopoly you can sell more of anything you are selling. We are hoping they are wanting more of that monopoly. And they will cut down on their competition.”

The Sheriff says there is a lot of competition in McIntosh County. The department makes almost 600 drug arrests every year. But half of their drug operation is already based on criminal informants. Sheriff Jessup hopes that greedy dealers will drum up even more business, for his jail.

“Drug dealers they are cutthroats,” explains Sheriff Jessup. “They are not much loyalty other than to make a dollar and thats why they are in the trade they are again.”

While the Sheriff says it’s a program that was done about 20-25 years earlier and worked well, folks in McIntosh County are divided if it will work.

“If anything else its just attention that somebody is paying attention,” explains Debra Taylor. “That we know there’s problems out there and need to be addressed.”

“Look if its works I think its a good strategy,” said Leona Weaver.

“Nothing is going to happen. Its stupidity,” believes Harry Lynn Walters. “Taking taxpayer’s dollars. Its stupidity, its spending taxpayers dollars. If this wasn’t yours i’d stomp it and throw it in the trash.”

But Sheriff Jessup says don’t toss away this idea yet.

“Nothing ventured nothing gained,” said the Sheriff. “You have to take a chance now and then.”

Sheriff Jessup’s ad has garnered national attention and gone viral.

Franklin County, Kentucky’s Sheriff even took it and made it his own. That Department has gotten 200,000 hits on his ad.

Sheriff Jessup says he’s gotten a few phone calls, but no written reports yet. He’s not worried. Its only been a week, and it does take a few days for the mail to come in.

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