Petitioner’s Response to Bulloch County Decision on Confederate Statue

UPDATE: The Georgia Southern University student who started the petition to remove the statue honoring confederate soldiers says he is disappointed by the inaction.

James Woodall says, “This decision validates that there still remains much work to be done and that we deserve leaders who are prepared to do just that.”


A decision on the future of the confederate statue that sits on the courthouse grounds in Statesboro.

After a month of debate Bulloch County Commissioners voted unanimously to keep the statute honoring confederate soldiers where it is.

Georgia Southern student James Woodall presented more than 700 signatures to the commission in July calling the statue a symbol of racism and asking that they consider taking it down.

The issue stirred up emotions on both sides.

Commission Chairman Garrett Nevil talked to News 3 about the final outcome and his thoughts on race relations in Statesboro.

“I feel that race relations have been damaged by this issue. I don’t think it’s been damaged extremely, but I think if we continue this I think it’s gonna cause a division among our people and we don’t need that.

We’ve come a long way.”

Nevil says it’s time for Bulloch County to heal and move forward.


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