“Hydration Therapy” Keeping You Safe this Summer

It’s been called a health fad and even a celebrity trend, but according to Urgent Care 24/7 Owner Dr. Jerry Williams, IV Therapy is no joke.

At any Urgent Care 24/7 location, you can go in and get what they call “Hydration Therapy,” and Williams tells News 3 especially during the summer months, they see plenty of patients.

“Frequently when patients come in with dehydration they’re behind the curve, they’re behind the 8 ball,” he said. “We have to get in front of that curve and get them back under control.”

The treatments cost $99 each and can include anything from basic vitamins, minerals and electrolytes to medicines to combat nausea or upset stomach; which is how the therapy earned its other nickname… “The Hangover Cure in a Bag.”

“They’re some of our most satisfied customers,” said Williams. “They come in and they’re just miserable and then we give them, the fluids make a big difference but the medications we give make them feel better fast.”

But Williams explains that it is always preferable and better for you to maintain your hydration orally.

He recommends drinking plenty of water and being preventative while you’re out in the heat, to avoid ever getting to the point of needing an IV.

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