$500,000 in Tax Money Up For Grabs

More than $500,000 in accommodations tax money is up for grabs in Beaufort county. From now until September 8th, local non-profit organizations can apply for this “A-Tax” money in order to help boost tourism. What exactly is this tax money, and how does it impact you?

“Whenever a Beaufort county resident has a friend or family member come into town, and they’re staying at a local hotel or campground, those entities can charge a 2% sales tax on top of the Beaufort County sales tax,” said county spokesperson, Joy Nelson.

That 2%t then goes to the state and is redistributed to the counties and municipalities for them to then give to organizations that boost tourism, like local chambers of commerce for example.

“Those are the types of entities who promote tourism, hold different types of activities, events throughout the year that attract people outside of the county to come to Beaufort county and spend their money in local restaurants, local shops, and local hotels.”

Last year, Beaufort County gave out about half a million dollars in a tax funds to 34 different organizations. and this year hope to stretch that money to even more, but that all depends on who gets their applications in by the deadline.

“The A-tax board then has the job of going through all of the applications, and deciding how much each of the organizations should recieve.”

But Nelson says most organizations are happy receiving any of these dollars.

“This money is extremely important to these local organizations to have tourists come to their events and spend money locally.”


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