The ‘Swiss Army Jacket’

Could this be the most useful item of clothing ever? Check out the windbreaker branded the ‘Swiss Army Jacket.’

It has 15 pockets, a neck pillow, a blanket and even an iPhone charger… all for just $109.

Not only would this be great just to wear around Savannah, but it would be ideal for storm chasing… just being out in the elements. I would have loved this back in college. I kept my North Face jacket for almost 15 years.

Anyway… back to this jacket. It’s called the Baubax jacket. Its inventor is 29-year-old Hiral Sanghavi. He came up with the idea after getting fed up of long flights when he was unable to carry all of his essentials.

The seasoned traveler designed something that would accommodate a traveler’s most common needs. There are many compartments to hold full-size tablets, phones, earphones and even a small blanket. There’s also a detachable neck pillow that’s designed to be inflated in two seconds using a built-in valve and deflated with one pat. Another cool touch is the drink pocket, which is made with an insulated neoprene material to keep beverages both hot or cold. And finally, there’s a pocket for sunglasses that includes a microfiber cloth to clean your lenses and a passport-sized pocket for easy access to travel documents while boarding or going through airport security.

Hiral came up with four different styles… a soft cotton jacket, a water-repellent windbreaker, a fleece-lined bomber jacket and a wrinkle-free blazer.


The jackets will be available in November and will ship worldwide.

(sources: CNN Money, Fox News, Metro)

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