Metro Using Cutting Edge Technology To Solve Violent Crimes With Ballistics Database

It’s the type of technology you often only see on television or in the movies – but it’s being used to help solve crimes right here in Savannah. It’s the National Integrated Ballistic Information Network. Investigators refer to it as NIBIN – it’s basically a database of shell casing and ballistics information recovered at crime scenes or from guns the department has taken in and tested. Each gun leaves certain unique markings on the shell casing of a bullet fired from it. Those shell casing marks can be compared to determine if they came from the same gun. Meaning shell casings from a gun or a confiscated gun found at one scene – can be matched to another crime possibly leading to the arrest of a suspect. Metro Police Major Richard Zapal says, “NIBIN has been a great success for us – it’s another tool in our toolbox. It has also worked very well for our violent crimes unit and the guys in the forensics unit and the gals in the forensics unit have done a fantastic job of gathering evidence and submitting it for evaluation.”
Metro is one of only about 180 departments across the country to have this technology. They’ve made nearly two hundred matches since October when they started using it.

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