Crossing Guard Jobs Available in Chatham County

The Chatham County Public School System is looking for a few good men and women to fill the ranks of their crossing guards. Right now, they need to hire nine people to bring the roster guard to full staff. The campus police operations supervisor says he received three unexpected resignations this week. Sergeant Gregory Milton says he had sixty five people, but now there are sixty two. Milton says at full staff there would be seventy-one crossing guards covering the fifty-two schools in Chatham county. Milton says crossing guards offer more than just a warm body to walk kids across a street. They are front line defenders of children as they come and go from schools. Milton says he’s looking for people with a blend of compassion and the ability to get motorists to comply. “You got to be able to get out there and take command of the roadway when you’re in it….’cause when you in it…you own it,” Milton said. He adds that it takes a healthy dose of patience as well because children and adults alike can be trying.

Sandra Edwards is a fourteen year veteran crossing guard in Chatham county and she says it’s a job that takes more than being the voice of authority to do her job. ” You got to have love in your heart and you got to want to love the children and it’s all about the children, that’s what it’s all about.” Edwards said. Crossing guard annual training as the start of the school year was staged at the Woodville Tompkins Annex on Tuesday. The session is a refresher course for veterans and for new hires, they learn more specifics of responsibilities, but there are nuances that are learned on the job and Edwards says in her experience she finds that when it comes to dealing with little ones, a little encouragement can go a long way. “We all need to have a ‘lil hug every now and then. We all need a I love you or be good today. Have a good day!. Eat all your food,” said Edwards.

Sergeant Milton says beyond a blend of compassion and the ability to gain compliance from kids, parents, pedestrians, and motorists, crossing guards candidates should note that it’s a position that’s s more strenuous than it appears. ” One has to be in fairly decent health because it does require standing, um you have to be able to get in and out of the roadway at…in a timely manner, um, so the ability to move quickly if need be is very important so we are looking for people that’s in decent health,” Milton said.

The crossing guard positions in Chatham county are part time positions and again, there are nine slots total, with three immediate jobs available if you successfully complete the screening process, which includes a background check. Milton says there are enough crossing guards to safely open schools in Chatham County, but the need to fill their ranks is urgent in terms of providing the flexibility any employer needs on their team.  Click the link below for more information or to apply.


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