Tybee Preps for Hurricanes

Two months into hurricane season and so far we’ve been fortunate, no storms have threatened our area.

But as we get closer to the peak of the season, Tybee city leaders are doing what they can to make sure people are still prepared – just in case.

“We’ve just been blessed,” said Tybee Mayor Jason Buelterman. “Pretty much from Jacksonville up through Hilton Head to have not been hit by a huge powerful hurricane since 1898.”

But eventually that luck will run out, so on Monday, Tybee held a Q&A session with a panel of representatives from departments across the city.

Attendees learned everything from how to sign up for emergency alerts to what to do about storm shutters, but the panel also tried hard to drive home the point that *if an evacuation is ordered, it’s important to listen.

“The number one loss of life is caused by storm surge, not by winds and we’re very vulnerable to that here on Tybee,” explained the mayor.

Buelterman said the island has been working with the Chatham Emergency Management Agency to practice in case the real thing were to happen.

Click here to sign up for the city’s Emergency Alert Program.

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