Special Election Set for Jasper County Board of Education

The ballot is set for Jasper County’s Sept. 22 special election to elect school board members following a federal judge’s decision in April to draw new voting districts.

All nine school board seats will be open for election. Polls will be open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Seventeen candidates filed the necessary paperwork to appear on the ballot, and seven of the nine seats are contested.

After reviewing multiple redistricting proposals, U.S. District Court Judge Richard Mark Gergel in Charleston approved a hybrid plan to redistrict the Jasper County Board of Education. The primary change is that Sun City voters living in Jasper County will be split between the school board’s District 6 and District 7 seats.

Changing the voting districts was the responsibility of the state legislature, not the Board of Education. Multiple efforts by the local legislative delegation to create acceptable and balanced districts failed, leading to Judge Gergel’s actions in April.

To view a map of the new voting districts, visit www.jcsd.net and click on Departments/Public Information/Documents/Approved School Board Redistricting.

Two of the school board seats currently are vacant, Districts  5 and 6.

Ballot candidates who filed to run for the Jasper County Board of Education are:

School Board District 1                      Bennie Hazel (incumbent)

School Board District 1                      Margaret J. Mouzon

School Board District 2                      Debora W. Butler (incumbent)

School Board District 3                      Roy L Pryor Jr.

School Board District 3                      Berty Riley (incumbent)

School Board District 4                      Randy  Horton (incumbent)

School Board District 4                      Thaddeus D. Smith

School Board District 5                      Rodney C. Brown

School Board District 5                      Daisy L. Mitchell

School Board District 5                      Jannette Z. Scott

School Board District 6                      Kevin Karg

School Board District 6                      Louise Rawlings

School Board District 7                      Priscilla Jones Fraser (incumbent)

School Board District 7                      Jerold L. Murray

School Board District 8                      Tedd Moyd (incumbent)

School Board District 9                      Leroy Bentley (incumbent)

School Board District 9                      Priscilla Green

For specific information about polling locations and precincts, call the Jasper County Voter Registration Office at 843-726-7709.

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