On Your Side: Cable Crew Fixes Downed Lines

SOUTHSIDE SAVANNAH- A viewer reached out to News 3 after cables fell on her home and she spent more than a month trying to get them put back in the right place.

The frustrated homeowners ended up caught between power and cable providers unsure who needed to take care of the wires.

They say the cable company came to restore their downed line, but left it on the ground instead of putting it back on the telephone wires.

“We’re at our wits end here, talking to representative after representative is about as frustrating as you can get after six weeks,” says Beverly Fox who had the orange wires sitting along he back fence.

For nearly two months now cable wires have sat in Fox’s and Rose Tootle’s backyards. The line went down during an early June storm.

“I don’t know who else to talk to make them understand because we still have a big problem here,” says Fox.

A problem as an eyesore, but also what Fox and Tootle say could pose as a danger because they are told to stay away from the wire and cannot mow their backyards with the wire it sitting where it is.

“It’s just so frustrating that people in business they want your money but they don’t stand behind their work,” says Tootle.

That work though did eventually show up. A few hours after our crews spoke with Fox and Tootle, Comcast had their own crews out fixing the grounded cable lines.

In a statement to News 3, Comcast representatives say they plan to credit the Fox’s and their neighbor for the trouble. It ends a nearly two month battle for Fox and Tootle who by tonight will have no more cable lines in their yards.

If you do have any issues with downed lines Comcast recommends you call tech support at 1-800-COMCAST.

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