Charge Your Phone with a CANDLE

We are no stranger to power outages here in the Coastal Empire and Lowcountry.

Sometimes we get lucky, and they only last a few minutes. Other times can last for hours… even days.

It’s one thing to lose the cable. It’s another issue to not be able to communicate. Think about it… what if you had a low battery on your cell when the power went out and didn’t have a way to charge it? Many people these days don’t have a land line phone, and maybe you don’t have access to a car charger or it’s not safe to be outside in a car.

If this were to happen, you need an option.

When the power goes out, you need to stay connected to family, friends and be able to contact emergency services.

Well, there’s now a device that uses flame to produce electricity during power outages. It simply uses the heat from a candle to keep you connected during a blackout.

It’s called the Candle Charger. It uses a thermoelectric generator to convert heat from a naked flame into around 2.5 Watts of energy. The company claims it can be used to charge mobile phones, cameras and other portable devices through a USB port.

This is how it works… a pot, which has a thermoelectric generator installed on the bottom, is filled with water and then a candle or burner is placed underneath. Developers say it can provide energy for up to six hours. They say this is enough to charge two iPhones.

The whole idea is on Kickstarter, where they are hoping to get enough money to get the project funded. If all goes as planned, the Candle Charger would run around $65.

(sources: Tech Cocktail, Gizmag, Treehugger)

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