Back To School Expo at the Oglethorpe Mall on Sunday

The Back To School Expo was hosted by the Savannah Morning News on Sunday, July 26, at The Oglethorpe Mall. More than 100 showed up to prepare for the upcoming school year.


On Saturday, at the Oglethorpe Mall the Savannah Morning News hosted their annual ‘Back to School Expo.’

More than 100 people came out today to learn more about after-school activities–like dance, music, arts and crafts and tutoring opportunities. They were even getting to know the new bus company that will be making sure that their kids arrive safely.

A representative from Point University and the organizer of the event, Stacy Jennings, told News 3 they enjoyed participating just as much as the people who attended today.

“It’s nice really to get to know people in the community, because that’s one thing we believe in–is making a personal connection. People need to know who we are and we want to know who they are, so this is a great opportunity for us and we’re glad to be here,” said Roxane Pace of Point University.

“It’s great to see the kids, they’re all excited about going back to school–mom and dad are pretty excited about them going back to school, too–so it’s the most wonderful time of the year, we have a good time!,” said Stacy Jennings of the Savannah Morning News and the Expo’s organizer.

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