Shooting Raises Questions About Safety in Local Movie Theaters

It was July 2012 when James Holmes opened fire on a movie theater in Aurora, CO and now, almost exactly three years later, another tragic theater shooting shook Lafayette, LA.

So how are our local theaters keeping us safe from a similar incident?

Many hire off-duty sheriff’s deputies like Corporal Allen O’Berry to provide security.

“We just make them feel at ease,” said O’Berry. “We’re here to make sure you’re safe, make sure that your belongings in your car while you’re enjoying yourself with your family, that those things are safe.”

O’Berry walks around the parking lot and inside the building looking for anyone or anything out of the ordinary – even in the middle of a movie.

“I’m looking for people standing up, I’m looking for people that maybe moving from spot to spot where they’re uncomfortable with their location maybe.”

He tells News 3, in addition to officers like himself roaming the area, most theaters have closed circuit cameras keeping an eye out and he said emergency response procedures should be in place, just in case.

“This is kind of a new thing that the public is dealing with so it’s a good idea for every public gathering location to have some form of an active shooter protocol.”

And he said although this most recent incident might still make some people nervous, he doesn’t think it should make anyone afraid of going to public places like the movies or the mall.

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