Debate Over Labeling Genetically Altered Food

Diabetics key to healthy holiday meals hinge on portion control & healthy choices

(NBC) – Health kicks are in high gear with food companies following the desires of consumers and taking healthier approaches to making food. Congress, however, is considering passing a bill that would prevent states from requiring special labeling for Genetically Modified Organisms, or GMOs for short.

Genetically altered foods involves the mutations, insertion or deletions of the natural genes found in foods through laboratory work. For example, most of the nation’s corns and soybean crops are altered in labs in some way so that the plant is resistant to disease or more robust.

Scrutiny over genetically modified meat products has made headlines in the past as wells as casual dining restaurants like Chipotle boasting GMO free products.

The food industry backs the bill, stating GMOs are “safe for consumptions” but critics says consumers have a right to know what in their foods.

At the moment, Vermont is the only state that is that has the label requirement.


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