Car Seat Designed To Prevent Hot Car Deaths

FOR BUSINESS -- WalMart Safe Sensor Baby Seat CREDIT: Evenflo

(MEDIA GENERAL) – Wal-Mart and Evenflo have announced an exclusive one-year deal to sell a new car seat that is designed to prevent hot car deaths.

According to Evenflo, a new model of their car seats will incorporate “SensorSafe Technology,” which communicates through a chip in the seat’s chest harness and a receiver attached to the vehicle. If the car’s ignition is shut off with the chest clip still fastened, an alarm will sound.

Evenflo says the SensorSafe system does not require Bluetooth or any other wireless device, but currently only is capable in properly equipped vehicles manufactured since 2008.

Evenflo said it developed the new technology because the company believes it holds “a social responsibility to offer caregivers and parents the opportunity to prevent hot-car deaths,” citing that one child dies every nine days after being left in a car.

Wal-Mart Vice President for Baby Merchandise Diana Marshall told the New York Post they are thrilled to offer a “first-of-its-kind” product.

“There are millions of cars in our parking lots every day, and we put a challenge out to the industry,” Marshall told the Post. “Evenflo stepped up with a first-of-its-kind product aimed at vehicular heat stroke.”

The car seat retails for $149.

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