Bluffton Self-Help Collecting School Supplies

Heading back to school can be exciting, but buying everything your student needs can also be expensive.

And Bluffton Self-Help is trying to give parents some relief by collecting supplies.

“Its important because in this area, with our children here we have many kids that dont have access to adequate school supplies, because of their parents economic situation. So if they dont start the school year off with what they need,  they they can get into a situation where you have the haves and the have nots from the very beginning of the school year. So, we dont want that to happen and we want everyone to have the tools they need to thrive in the school year,” said Julie Jones of Self-Help.

From markers, to school uniforms, and backpacks, Self-Help is trying to round-up everything students will need to head back to the classroom. Officials tell NEWS 3, they are collecting supplies until August 5th and are hoping to be able to make a difference for families in our area.

“Parents can focus on food, parents can focus on the electric bill. We have a lot of parents that have difficult times around here, they lose jobs and have to spend money on trying to buy the right clothes for an interview, they have to spend the money on rent, on their mortgage, mainly on the groceries. But if we as a community can come together and help these kids get school supplies, the burden is not on the children, the children can focus on their academics and have everything they need.”

There are still a lot of supplies that are needed to be collected before the deadline.
For a list of the supplies they still need you can go to

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