Push from Georgia’s Attorney General to Block Robocalls

Remember when you got your cell phone to get rid of all the nuisance calls on your landline? Those were the days, right?  Now, millions of consumers are receiving nuisance calls on their cell phones as well, especially robocalls.  The prerecorded calls often get through even if you are on the “do not call” list.  That’s because robocalls are normally routed through a computer which randomly generates thousands of numbers per minute. When the computer hits a number that actually exists (and this happens often), your phone may ring.

But many are getting sick of the constant calls. “So I don’t think that what I’m paying for should be all filled up with junk,” Gloria Washington of Savannah told me.

She said she gets at least one nuisance call a day, but sometimes that increases to two or three.  “And it can be in the evening, too,” she said.

It’s on Washington’s behalf as well as thousands of other Georgia consumers that Attorney General Sam Olens is getting involved.  He’s joined 44 other Attorneys General in the country asking major wireless phone companies to provide call blocking technology to customers who want it.  Olens says consumers should not have to endure “unwanted, annoying and sometimes expensive calls.”

In their letter, the state officials say that call block technology is already available in Voice over IP and Android cell phones.  And that landline and wireless carriers “should move swiftly to implement and inform consumers of these options.”

Washington tells me that she thought unwanted calls would stop when she got rid of her landline.  But now she’s finding that isn’t the case. “There are people generating these calls to aggravate us,” she said.

One of the things Washington resents is that the unwanted calls force her not to answer her own telephone.  She says any help anyone can give to her and others to stop these calls “would be appreciated.”

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