EMS Practice Heart Attack Drill in Lowcountry

Emergency responders in the lowcountry are trying to stay on top of their game, conducting real-life drills with Beaufort Memorial Hospital.
Parris Island EMT’s ran a heart attack simulation yesterday.

During the drill, responders acted as if a patient was really having a heart attack, transporting him like they would a real-life patient all the way to the emergency room. Throughout the exercise, they run the same tests they normally would. Officials tell us this helps to improve their life-saving skills and improve patient care.

“We want to make sure that not only are we on the top of our game, but that our EMS systems also. They know what we’re doing, how we do it, they get to walk through, go to the CATH lab, see what happens to their patients when they get here. Its about streamlining the process between EMS, hospitals, and patients in our community,” said Sabrina Faircloth, drill director.

Emergency officials say the simulation adds life-saving minutes onto actual rescues. Hospital staff say they try and conduct these drills every couple months with different departments around the county.

“It helps us out by one, we can take care of our patients quicker, we can identify there is a problem with a heart attack, a STEMI, and we can intervene quicker and make more notifications to the hospital, so they can be ready when we get there,” says Nate Hildreth of Parris Island Fire and Rescue.

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