Trump Met with Protestors As He Arrives in Sun City

“Somebody has to stand up against Donald Trump!”

And that’s exactly why the Lowcountry Immigration Coalition, among others, held a silent protest Tuesday outside Trump’s rally in Sun City.

“We felt it was important for people to oppose some of the hatred and bigotry that Donald Trump stands for in his comments about immigrants and Mexicans. It really plays to the lowest denominator in people he is trying to impress in his run for president,” said LIC president, George Kanuck.

“There’s too much hate going on, we don’t need someone like that running America. We’ll end up fighting the whole world six months into his presidency,” said John Rivera.

Rivera says he represents Latino voters in the lowcountry that want to hear what trump has to say for himself and his strategy for our country–but so far they don’t like what they hear.

“There are thousands of Latinos in our area and we have a message for Donald Trump today, we can put you in that office and we cant take you out.”

Kanuck says he’s hopeful the majority of voters will see through Trump’s smoke and mirrors.

“I don’t think he will ever be president of the United States, I just think its not going to happen. The kind of hatred, and bigotry and xenophobia he stands for has no place in America. And i cant imagine our commander in chief saying the things that he has.”

And for most protestors out here they have a message for trump–stop the hatred.

“Theres enough division already in our nation, the last thing we need is a president that doesn’t like Latinos,” Rivera says.

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