Richmond couple takes a bite out of summer shark panic

Shark Couple

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) A Richmond couple was caught on camera strolling into the surf in something unusual over the weekend: homemade shark cages. Photos and videos of their Outer Banks antics had been shared nearly 100,000 times by Tuesday evening.

Made of PVC and plastic, the eye-catching gear caused quite a stir on the beach in Nags Head where Sandi and Scott Bergman were vacationing. Sandi Bergman said the homemade cages started as film props.

“We went out there with the intention of filming a spoof about this guy who comes up with something called Block Jaw. It’s your own personal shark cage,” said Bergman. “It (was) very crowded; it’s July, and as soon as we set up immediately people started to watch us.”

In a summer filled with violent shark attacks, not everyone was in on the joke. “The reactions are all over the place,” said Bergman. “Some people are saying ‘these people are idiots- how could they think that would protect them in any way?’ Others say, It’s great, I love it, I want one.”

But the Bergmans say it’s all in good fun.  “There’s so much (that is) serious going on in the world right now. We said, let’s just do something lighthearted.” The Bergmans say it’s likely beach-goers will see the shark cages back in the water in the near future.

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