Man Arrested for Robbery, Impersonating A Police Officer

Garden City Police have arrested a teenager for impersonating a police officer to aid his robbery attempt.

Investigators say it was July 11 when 17 year old Cameron Blige allegedly tried to rob a hispanic man after telling him he was a police officer.
cameron blige perp walk
It all started when Blige allegedly walked up to the man’s car at the Nassau Woods mobile home park in Garden City. He approached the car, identified himself as a police officer and after a brief conversation, he pointed a gun in his face and tried to rob him.

After the victim figured it out and attempted to drive away, Blige fired “numerous” shots at him.

The victim was shaken up but not hurt.

After Police told his parents about the seriousness of his charges, Blige turned himself in.

Blige is now in jail facing six different charges, including four felonies.

Police say its possible the robbery was a case of mistaken identity. Blige may have wanted to rob someone else.

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