Judge Orders City and Police To Produce Evidence In Khaalis Case

Representatives of the City of Savannah, Savannah-Chatham Metro Police and the Savannah-Chatham Counter Narcotics Team have gathered in a courtroom at the Chatham County Courthouse today.

The three entities were ordered by Superior Court Judge Timothy Walmsley to produce any and all evidence related to the case against former Metro Police Officer Malik Khaalis.  That order came last Friday following the announcement of a mistrial in the case.

Khaalis is charged with Violation of Oath and Making False Statements.

On Thursday last week, three pieces of evidence were discovered that had not been provided before.   The Judge said he was concerned that Khaalis could not receive a fair trial with so much evidence delayed.

The evidence brought by the three entities has been placed in the Jury room for members of the prosecution and defense teams to examine and determine whether or not they have received everything.

Judge Walmsley has said after that examination he plans to have representatives of each entity take the stand to try to explain how last week’s surprises happened.

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