How to Prepare your Pet for a Hurricane

The Executive Director of the Humane Society for Greater Savannah shows us what a 'Pet Evacuation Kit' or a 'Go Kit' should look like.

It’s the one thing we all prepare our families for–but hope never happens—a hurricane.

But what about your pets?

Do you know what you will do to keep them safe?

News 3 Spoke with the Humane Society to find out how you can start preparing now.

Whether you’ve ever experienced a hurricane or not–you don’t want to wait for disaster to strike before you think about what to do with your pets.

Lynn Gensamer, the Executive Director of the Humane Society for Greater Savannah says you shouldn’t try to bring them to their facility…

“There will be no place to leave your pet in a hurricane area. You need to take your pet with you. we’ll be closed, all the vets offices, borders, animal control, no one will be here, no one will be staying to take care of your pet,” Gensamer said.

That’s why she says you need to be ready to take care of your own…

“Just as you have a go-kit for your family, or you should–you should have a go-kit for your pet,” Gensamer told News 3.

A dog owner herself, Gensamer walked us through her evacuation kit to explain exactly what you will need, and for starters, this includes, a crate:

“A metal crate is fine, it just needs to be big enough for your dog to stand up, turn around and lie down. Whether you dog uses a crate or not, you should have one to evacuate.”

And if your pet doesn’t normally use a crate, the Executive Director says you should start using one now so it’s one less thing to worry about…

There’s going to be a lot of stress when it comes time to evacuate and your dog is going to read all of that stress-so minimize that as much as possible. That’s why I have my dog’s favorite toy. This something else you want to do to eliminate stress, you want to have things are familiar, so that your pet can feel like home,” Gensamer said.

You’ll also want to have a seven-day supply of food and proof of vaccinations.

And just in case you and your furry friend get separated…

“It’s really a good idea to have an ID tag that has a phone number on it, preferably your cell phone, so that someone who has your dog can immediately return in to you. microchips are essential, but it does require visiting a place that has a scanner.”

And last but not least– you want to make sure you have any medication that your pet needs.

And you’ll be all set!


How to create your kit and plan for a pet emergency:


Click here for list of pet-friendly hotels/motels:


Click here for general information about the Humane Society for Greater Savannah:


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