Hoax at Effingham Parc Apartments

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On July 21, just before 10pm, Effingham County Sheriff’s Office received a call on their non-emergency line (not 911) from an unknown male, who claimed he had just killed his fiancé, along with two children. He told the call taker that he was at Effingham Parc Apartments (Apt. 2218), and that he was waiting on law enforcement to arrive, and when he saw them, he would shoot them.

As Rincon PD and Effingham County SO arrived, the call evolved into an attempt to locate the apartment, as the reported apartment did not exist. Dispatch also provided a possible name from the caller, which was provided by Caller ID. As this call was not received through 911, the exact location could not be immediately obtained.

After the caller disconnected the telephone call, dispatch attempted to call the number back, but the originating telephone number was found to be out of service. This left law enforcement with no other options than to review tenants of record within the apartment complex.

Review of these records indicated that a person with the same last name as that provided by Caller ID did in-fact reside in the complex, but in a different building. SCMPD SWAT responded to assist in approach and contact with the possible suspect.

Once the apartment was identified, several telephone numbers were identified as belonging to the residents of that apartment. Contact was made with the occupants of the residence via telephone, and it was discovered they had no knowledge of any activity occurring outside of their residence, and they had no involvement in this incident.The occupants exited the apartment without incident, and made themselves available for interview with Detectives. They were quickly cleared of any involvement in this incident.

From that point, this call was determined to be a hoax. However, Rincon Police Department returned to the 2200 building and made contact with each resident in that building, verifying the safety of all residents. Once all residents were found to be safe, all responding personnel vacated the scene. The Rincon Police Department will begin investigating the call, attempting to locate where the call originated, and whom was responsible for making this false call.

If any arrests are made in this incident, that information will be made immediately available.

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