Wish Granted for Wilmington Island Girl

“Causes you to realize that God’s gifts are just that they’re gifts.

Rachel Kavlie is a brave little girl.

Diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia in 2012 Rachel fought a long battle.

“A year ago almost to the day ended up with pneumonia that almost took her life specifically because of the cancer,”explains Lucas Kavlie.

Conquering chemotherapy Rachel found strength to share her big dream with Make-A-Wish Georgia.

“She wanted a playhouse.”

To Rachel’s surprise that wish was granted Tuesday.

“Make-A-Wish is presenting Rachel with a deed of ownership. With the only rule to have lots of fun in your playhouse.”

An amazing gift for a child who for 2 and a half years missed play dates with friends because of her illness.

As she toured her playhouse Rachel sure did get a lot of love and gained some new friends.

“To see all of the people staring at her I know is a bit overwhelming, But now that she’s here she’s already feeling comfortable and up stairs playing with her friends,” says Kerry Kavlie.

DPR Hardin Construction partnered with Make-A-Wish Georgia for this incredible playhouse built in her backyard.

Make-A-Wish Georgia helped make her dream become a reality.

“We’re very thankful for everybody that put in those extra hours just to make it all come together and it is very well worth it, and it is beautiful. They did a great job and we really appreciate it,” says Kerry Kavlie.

We’re happy to report that Rachel is cancer free.

To learn more about Make-A-Wish Georgia check out this link http://georgia.wish.org//


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