Recalled Food, it may Happen More Often than you Think

We continue to hear about the big recalls of frozen chicken products this week.  Barber foods continues its recall of several kinds of frozen, raw chicken products. And Aspen Foods has a big recall, too.  One of the things that’s difficult in many of these recalls is that Aspen foods sells chicken products under a list of brand names.  The issue in both recalls is possible salmonella contamination..

“Right now, there are a lot of frozen, raw, stuffed and breaded chicken products recalled, nearly four million pounds worth,” said Jessica Badour of the Georgia Department of Agriculture .

The Agriculture Department says consumers need to be aware that many “breaded: products are not cooked thoroughly or not cooked at all,  which increases the possibility for contamination. “And so safely preparing and cooking the products I the best way to make sure you’re preventing illness in your home,” said Badour.  “And then there’s proper hand washing, sanitizing counters and cooking poultry products to 165 degrees using a food thermometer to confirm that.”

Badour says they hear of at least three food recalls a week. And normally the GA Ag Dept. pushes publicity of just the most serious recalls.

“There is definitely a concern about recall fatigue. It’s becoming cumbersome to try to stay on top of this,” she said.  ” So we try to make it as easy as possible to follow that information, so we are pushing out information through social media.”

That means providing the latest recalls on Twitter and even Instagram.  You can also call the Georgia Agriculture Department at 404-656-3600 for information.  And you can sign up with them for email alerts.

Consumers are reminded that if you have a food product that is subject to a recall, the best thing to do is return the product to the store for a refund or to throw it out.

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