John Kasich enters Presidential Campaign

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) – The latest Republican to enter the presidential race is Ohio Gov. John Kasich — who, as governor, has helped erase a budget deficit that was projected at nearly $8 billion when he entered office. And the state has seen private sector employment rebound.

But labor unions say his successes have come at a cost to local governments and schools. And they say new Ohio jobs lack the pay and benefits of jobs they replaced.

Kasich told supporters today that he has the “experience and the testing” to serve as president.

Kasich says that despite all the competitors, he’s the only one with experience in three broad areas of political leadership – the federal budget, national security and state government.

He served previously in the House, where he became an architect of a balanced budget deal in 1997. He’s 63.

Kasich embraces conservative ideals but bucks his party on occasion and disdains the Republican sport of bashing Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton.

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