Igniting a Change in Savannah’s Neighborhoods

For the next two weeks, Savannah’s streets will be ignited with new hope for real change.

A local non-profit called Savannah Youth City is beginning their campaign to help break the cycle they say is the source of much of the violence in the coastal empire.

The “Ignite” campaign is trying to reach young men and women who feel overlooked by society.

Each day they’re going to a new neighborhood and working with those young people to show them that they can take knowledge they already have and use it to make a positive change in their own lives by providing them with the resources to achieve their goals.

“The law of physics says two things cannot occupy the same space,” said Savannah Youth City Executive Director Beverlee Trotter. “We believe if we bring enough positive to some of these neighborhoods, these communities, these young people who are damaged, then we can outweigh that negative.”

The campaign started on July 20th and continues through July 31st, each program begins at 6 pm.

  • July 21 – The Frazier Homes Community
  • July 22 – The Yamacraw Village Community
  • July 23 – The Bayview Community
  • July 24 – The Fellwood Community
  • July 27 – The Savannah Gardens Community
  • July 28 – The Chatham City Community
  • July 29 – The Madsion Apartments Community
  • July 30 – The Windsor Forest Community
  • July 31 – The Westlake Community

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