Chatham County Swears in New Jail Officers

Deaths of several inmates over the past year have left a cloud of controversy over the Chatham County Jail, and 9 deputies off the job.

The Detention Center is now trying to move toward a better future, with some new blood.

8 jail officers were officially sworn in as deputies Monday following a several week long training course.

Each one says they are excited to start a new chapter with Chatham County Sheriff’s. The recent troubles did not stop them from wanting to serve.

“We are human we make mistakes and we have to learn from those mistakes,” said COT Ahmed Ismeal, newly sworn Chatham County Jail Officer. “And we have to continue to serve this country.”

“Everyone is responsible for their own actions and I take full responsibility for mine,” said COT Sophia Fitzpatrick, newly sworn Chatham County Jail Officer. “As you heard our motto, operate with integrity. I follow policies and procedures, and I do what i’m supposed to do, and that’s my job.”

These officers will help replace the 9 deputies that were fired in connection with Matthew Ajibade’s death.

2 of those, Maxine Evans and Deputy Jason Kenny also face criminal involuntary manslaughter charges.chatham county graduation chatham county sheriff graduation

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